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All In For the Kids

The passion of an organization! The kindness of a community! The power of $1! Our friends from Walmart and Sam’s Club are celebrating the start to their annual fundraising campaign today. Please consider adding $1 or donating your change when you cash out at the register or self-check out. Why? Every penny raised by our nine Walmart locations and one Sam’s Club stays local – every penny! Those pennies add up to miracles, and this year the funds will help to purchase an Angel Eye camera system for our neonatal intensive care unit.

Angel Eye will provide parents of our tiniest patients with a way to bond even they aren’t able to be physically present in the NICU. Any parent of a NICU  baby will tell you that one of the hardest parts of the experience is being separated from your baby. Some fragile babies can’t even be held for several weeks or months. And, while parents do everything in their power to remain by their baby’s side as much as possible, it’s virtually impossible to be there all the time. This one camera system will ease the pain of the separations through a secure web link, something that’s priceless for the more than 450 families whose babies call EMMC’s NICU their first home each year.

Thank you for your kindness!