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Another Great Weekend of Extra Life

We love our Team Bangor Extra Life gamers! For the second weekend in a row, we had a blast meeting new friends who are using their love of games – table top, role playing, and video – to help make miracles happen for Maine kids.

Our first stop was on Friday where we met up with folks from Momentum Inc. in Bangor (pictured to the right). If you’re not familiar with Momentum, it is a support program that provides innovating and individualized services for adults with intellectual disabilities. And, Friday morning, several members of the Bangor Momentum community “moved” into their offices on Essex Street in Bangor. Their goal was a simple one – to play games for 24 hours and help raise funds through the Extra Life gaming community. It was a pleasure to meet these incredible gamers.

And on Saturday, we headed up to Orono to meet some of the gamers from the University of Maine’s D&D Club on campus. This was the first year that they’ve participated in Extra Life, and it was great to have them on board.

To date, more than 90 gamers have pledged to support EMMC, and to date, our gamers have raised more than $13,000 – mission critical funds that will help us to buy the equipment, programs, and services needed to care for the 50,000 kids and their families who depend on us for care each year.