Cardiac Care… a Heart Beat Away

Did you know that one to three people suffer from a congenital heart defect? Early diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment are key to people living a long life. Eastern Maine Medical Center is proud of its team of three board certified pediatric cardiologists, Dr. Sean Hagenbuch, Dr. Pip Hidestrand, and Dr. Tom Martin.

This team assess infants, children, and young adults with problems such as heart murmurs, chest pain, palpitations, or fainting spells. They also provide continuing care of patients following open heart surgery, or those with known cardiac disease. And, may people don’t realize that they also offer fetal echocardiography and pediatric cardiac MRI!

Your funds in action…

And, thanks to EMHS Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals donors, Dr. Hagenbuch and Dr. Martin can travel to Aroostook County with a portable heart monitor to evaluate kids and babies in northern Maine.


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