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Getting By With A Little Help From Our Friends

This year’s Walmart and Sam’s Club fundraising campaign for miracles looks and feels a little different. The sites, sounds, and smells of the carnival games and cook outs may be a distant memory, but at the heart and soul of every campaign are the associates. And, this year, that’s no different. From Skowhegan to Presque Isle, and everywhere in between, associates are asking every customer, every time, to donate $1 or round up their change.

Check out our friend, Mady, from the Sam’s Club in Bangor. For the last couple of years, Mady has donned a special hat that she adorns with cash donations from her loyal members at the self-check-out. This year, with a little creativity, she has a special friend helping her who is wearing the hat and the donations. Thank you, Mady, for your creativity. You and your teammates are truly incredible.