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Happy 185th, Bangor

We’re proud to call Bangor home, and today, we’re excited to join in the celebration and wish Bangor a very happy 185th!

It was 185 years ago today — February 12, 1834 to be exact — that Bangor was incorporated as a city. Maine had only recently been admitted to the Union as the 23rd state in 1820, after seceding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Bangor saw a huge population boost around this time, ballooning from 800 residents in 1800 to 8,000+ in 1834; incorporating as a city allowed Bangor to have its own public services, fire department, and police force.

185 years later, decades removed from the lumber boom, pulp and paper production, and ironworks, Bangor continues to grow and evolve. Those of us lucky enough to live here know that we experience the best of both worlds: a city that is at once urban and rural, sophisticated and rustic, steeped in history but always looking to the future.