Keeping Everyone Safe During Flu Season

This year’s flu season is unprecedented, and Eastern Maine Medical Center, like many hospitals across the country, are taking extra precautions to make sure patients and staff remain healthy.

Starting on Tuesday, February 20th, EMMC will take temporary precautions to reduce the risk of influenza for our patients. The precautions impact the hospital’s visitor’s policy.

According to senior vice president, Dr. James Jarvis, the temporary adjustments to the medical center’s visitor policy include:

  • Limiting visitors to two per patient at a time anywhere in the hospital.
  • Establishing a minimum visitor age of 12 years old. Younger visitors are asked to please connect with family or friends via phone or in person when they are discharged from the hospital.
  • Limiting access to patients exhibiting flu-like symptoms (fever, upper respiratory symptoms, muscle pain, etc.).

The public will also be directed to specific entrances in order to allow for screening for flu-like symptoms and the proper implementation of the visitor policy.

For more information on the changes to the visitor’s policy, please visit,


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