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Meet Lyla!

Please join us in saying hi to Lyla, a 12-year old from Hampden, who is serving as Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center’s 2022 Champion.

This incredible 12-year-old from Hampden started to not feel well towards the end of 2018. Despite some scary and unnerving symptoms, doctors initially thought Lyla was experiencing nerves, but by the beginning of 2019, it was clear something much more serious was going on.

After continuous trips to the bathroom and not being able to keep down any food or water, Lyla was admitted to EMMC. Her family’s hope was she’d be admitted, get fixed, and head home. But that stay turned into several weeks and a lifechanging diagnosis – severe inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis.

If a colonoscopy is scary for an adult, imagine being a child. Lyla has now had plenty of those, and you can add blood transfusions, a PICC line, a colectomy, an ostomy, and a J-pouch as terms she’s had to become familiar with. Through it all, her smile has shined brightly, and she looks back at these tough times proudly. She knows she’s overcome so much.

Today, Lyla is doing well. She still has inflammation and is being carefully monitored, but she is back to being a typical 12-year-old. She attends middle school in Bangor, where she is in the chorus and art club. She also is on the Bangor YMCA swim team, plays the piano, and sings in her free time. Throughout the year, you’ll hear more about Lyla, her story, and why it’s so important to have access to care close to home.