See You Later, Dr. Lew

They are words no parents ever wants to hear. But Dr. Sam Lew, or Dr. Wooo as some of his patients referred to him, helped thousands of families through some pretty scary cancer diagnoses. Today, we bid him a fond “see you later,” as he retires from Eastern Maine Medical Center, one of our local EMHS Foundation Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Dr. Lew was a voice of hope and light to moms and dads. And, he offered HIS kids a familiar smile and a few giggles that helped them feel at ease in the hospital or when they were receiving treatment at the Raish Peavey Haskell Children’s Cancer and Treatment Center.

Congratulations on your retirement, Dr. Lew. And, we wish you all the best as you open a new chapter in you and your family’s lives.


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